Alexa Mother’s fight to fulfill daughter’s wish 

Dhaka, Saturday   21 September 2019


Mother’s fight to fulfill daughter’s wish 

 Sabjal Hossain, Kaliganj

 Published: 07:12 PM, 22 August 2019  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

When Pritilota was in third-grade, her day laborer father Prosanto Saha died suddenly. Then her mother Sujata Saha fallen in trouble with two daughters Mousumi and Pritilata. She was bound to do garment work with two daughters due to poverty. But there she could not carry out well.     

Sujata had to come to her father’s land with two daughters. Sujata’s only brother Manoj Saha was living in a house of her father’s land as much as they had. In such misery days, neighbor uncles Agni Saha and Protab Saha sheltered them. They give them a chance to live in a thicket of houses on their own land. Pritilata now is living in Baroipara, Mostobapur village of Kaliganj, Jhenaidah.

Pritilata, a student of ninth-grade of Mostobapur Secondary School, one kilometer away from home. In childhood, she went to school in-lap. As she grows up, it is not now possible. A person bought a wheelchair to see her trouble. But as the wheelchair broke, it is not possible to buy another due to lack of money.

Pritilata’s mother Sujata Saha said that she gave married to her eldest daughter Mousumi. The little girl Pritilata has been physically disabled since birth. She can not walk and has to do all the work with the help of others.

Pritilata said that she does not want to be burdened with such a body for others throughout her life. She wants to be a real human with removing her sorrows by learning education. If she will have a chance she would like to give a smile on helpless faces like her.  

Pritilata’s maternal uncle Manoj Saha said that Pritilata’s father died in 2009. He had nothing of wealth. So her sister Sujata Saha left her husband’s house and moved here in 2011. But here too they have a little land where they can live comfortably. Due to their helplessness, their uncles have given them a chance to live and build a cottage on their land where the mother and daughters are living.  

“I am a poor man myself,” Manoj added. “Work at another person’s store and run the family. Still, I usually help Pritilata and them.”

Mizanur Rahman, principal of Mostabapur Secondary School, said, “Pritilata was very helpless but talented. In the midst of extreme poverty, her mother runs the family by tutoring to the village children as well as carries out Pritilata’s education. Being good at education the school teachers provide all kinds of assistance to Pritilata,” he added.