Mother with dead daughter in VR show 

Dhaka, Monday   30 March 2020


Mother with dead daughter in VR show 

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 Published: 09:37 PM, 18 February 2020  



A heartbreaking video has been released in where a mother met with her daughter who was dead six years ago via advanced virtual reality arranged by South Korean technologists- Arab News.  

The footage began with the girl who died of leukaemia in 2016 emerging from behind a pile of wood in a park, as if playing hide-and-seek.

“Mum, where have you been?” she asks. “I’ve missed you a lot. Have you missed me?” 

Tears streaming down her face, Jang Ji-sung reached out toward her, wracked with emotion. The technicians also cried when they saw such a heartbreaking scene.

“I have missed you Na-yeon,” she told the computer-generated six-year-old, her hands moving to stroke her hair.

But in the real world, Jang was standing in front of a studio green screen, wearing a virtual reality headset and touch-sensitive gloves, her daughter’s ashes in a locket around her neck.

The technicians said that the animation was first made by taking pictures of Na-yeon. Later the animation was attached to the VR box and the sensor hand gloves.