Alexa Momo stares in Hindi film! 

Dhaka, Tuesday   17 September 2019


Momo stares in Hindi film! 

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 06:04 PM, 17 August 2019  

Zakia Bari Momo

Zakia Bari Momo

Popular actress Zakia Bari Momo has starred in a Hindi film for the first time. Earlier, she signed the film’s contract, and now the shooting has started. 

The actress is now in Bhutan shooting for the film ‘Max Ki Gaan’ directed by Samir Khan. In the thriller-base film, Momo will be seen as a CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) officer of India. 

The first poster of the film has already been released on social media. Regarding the story, director Samir said, “A wealthy man tried to show his dead brother as alive. The CBI has conducted an investigation and tried to reveal the mystery behind the incident. After this, the story goes through several incidents.” 

It is learned that Momo will brief the media regarding the experience of acting in the Hindi film after returned home. Apart from Momo, Kabita Shyam, Nishat Pandey, Amita Nagia, etc are starred in the film. Faisal Saif has produced the film ‘Max Ki Gaan’. Earlier, he made a Hindi film titled ‘Shaytan’ with another Bangladeshi actor Nirab.

Meanwhile, a number of plays starring Momo have broadcasted this Eid. These include ‘Laila Majnur Qurbani’, ‘Ashroy’, ‘Mugdho Byakoron’, ‘Shikkhito Bou’, ‘Ochena Moner Golite’, ‘Haste Nei Mana’, ‘Lukochuri’, ‘Senorita’, ‘Nobboi Din Por’, ‘Kholos Vangar Golpo’, ‘Delete Day’, ‘Projapotir Meyeta’, ‘Monbasor’, ‘Failtush’, ‘Shornolota’, and ‘Oggo-Biggo Samachar’.