Alexa ‘Mom Ilish’ recipe

Dhaka, Tuesday   12 November 2019


‘Mom Ilish’ recipe

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 Published: 12:54 PM, 9 November 2019  

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Who does not like to eat hilsa fish, it is rare to find. But many do not like hilsa for its extra bone. But do you know it is possible to eat hilsa agreeably with its bones? This is very easy to make a tasty ‘Mom Ilish’ recipe. Let’s find out the method of mom hilsa-


Hilsa 6-8 slices, a little of turmeric powder, chili powder 1 teaspoon, salt to taste, yogurt 2 tablespoons, ginger paste a quarter teaspoon, raw chili 6-7 pieces, as required of oil, water 1 cup.


In a bowl, mix all the ingredients except water with the fish and keep it in 2 to 3 hours for marinating. After that marinated fish and water put in the pressure cooker and cook it lightly heat for 25 minutes. Then the fishbone will become soft and have to carefully put down the slices fish from the pressure cooker. Then your ‘mom hilsa’ is prepared to serve.