Modi-Xi Jinping meeting in afternoon

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Modi-Xi Jinping meeting in afternoon

 International Desk Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 12:47 PM, 27 April 2018  

Pic: Collected

Pic: Collected

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited China On Thursday night, he reached the capital of Hubei province of Buhain, China. 

Modi will meet Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping in a meeting at 3:30 pm local time on Friday.

A source from India`s Foreign Ministry said that this meeting will be in the `domestic` environment. There will be no predefined agenda.

There will be no meeting of any representative team of the ministry. The joint statement or joint press conference will not be held. 

On behalf of the South Block, it said there will not be any key notes of Modi-Shi talks be taken.

Source: NDTV and Ananda Bazar magazine