Mobile court might be conducted to ensure wearing masks...

Dhaka, Tuesday   01 December 2020

Mobile court might be conducted to ensure wearing masks

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 05:13 PM, 19 October 2020  

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File Photo

Cabinet Secretary Khandker Anwarul Islam said mobile courts would be set up if need to ensure the use of masks by people in public places.

He said this after a cabinet meeting at the secretariat on Monday.

Earlier, a cabinet meeting was held under the chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The Prime Minister from Ganobhaban and Ministers from the Cabinet Division of the Secretariat attended the meeting via video conference.

Khandker Anwarul Islam said, “There was a special discussion about Covid in the cabinet meeting. We are observing it from everywhere, from international reporting, especially from the United States and Europe. That is why the Prime Minister has been speaking in the meeting for several days. There is a special focus on making sure that to make everyone careful, especially from our point of view to ensure everyone using masks.”

“What will happen then is uncertain matter. But, if we all use masks, then our chances of getting infected are greatly reduced. That is why people need to be made more aware. There is a feeling of relaxation among many. The important thing for us is that we all should use masks regularly, at least when we come out,” he said. 

The cabinet secretary said, “In no way anyone cannot appear in public places including the mosque, or any public gathering in upcoming Durga Puja. More restrictions will be enforced. The Prime Minister and the Cabinet have expressed their strong desire and hope that if everyone is aware of the use of masks, then automatically get relief from Covid.”

Asked if any instructions would be given to the field administration in this regard, the cabinet secretary said, "Already there was a commissioner's conference yesterday, where we gave clear cut instructions. If necessary, mobile court will also be conducted. The commissioners have been given this instruction. We will enforce the law by requesting, motivating, or forcing people to wear masks as much as possible.”

“We have asked the Islamic Foundation to alert public by all Imams through mike announcement or face-to-face conversation at least after the Zohar and Maghrib prayers," he said.

Khandker Anwarul Islam urged to fix announcement in the entrance of all public places, “Please don’t enter without wearing mask.”