Alexa Minni walks lamely, can’t sleep too!

Dhaka, Saturday   21 September 2019


Minni walks lamely, can’t sleep too!

 Barguna Correspondent

 Published: 06:25 PM, 24 July 2019  

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Aysha Siddiqua Minni, who has been converted from prime witness to accused in the country’s most widely discussed Rifat murder case in Borguna, is now confined in the jail. She could walk lamely and cannot sleep in the night; said her lawyer Mahbubul Bari Aslam after met her in the jail today. Saifur Rahman Sohag, another lawyer in the case, was with him at that time.

Lawyer Mahbubul Bari Aslam said they spoke with Minni at the Barguna District Jail on Wednesday afternoon.

Exiting the jail, Mahbubul Bari Aslam said, besides seeking Minni’ information, “I went to the district jail to meet Minnie for some legal advice. Minni is suffering pain all over her body. She can't sleep at night. She is mentally disturbed.”

He also said police had taught the confession that Minni stated in the court confessing her involvement in the murder. Minnie is seeking to withdraw the statement. So I taught Minni the process of applying for the withdrawal of the confession.

Aslam said that Minnie wants to study while in detention, adding that the lawyer has said quoting the Jailer, “Her application will be approved if she applies.”

The jail authorities would provide medical treatment if she needed medical attention, the lawyer also stated adding that, Minnie was walking lamely.

Earlier, the police took Minni along with her father Mozammel Hossain Kishore from their residence in Barguna's Mithha area to Barguna police lines to interrogate Minni and record her statement.

After that, in the 10 hours long police interrogation, Minni was stuck a thorough analysis of the data available from various media and answering the police tactical and intelligent questions. Turns out it was evidence of his involvement in the murder. Police arrested Minni shortly thereafter.