Minni is the main schemer; shocking info in chargesheet...

Dhaka, Wednesday   28 October 2020

Rifat Sharif murder:

Minni is the main schemer; shocking info in chargesheet

 Barguna Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 05:29 PM, 29 September 2020   Updated: 06:44 PM, 29 September 2020

Sabbir Ahmed Nayan alias Nayan Bond, Ayesha Siddique Minni and Rifat Sharif

Sabbir Ahmed Nayan alias Nayan Bond, Ayesha Siddique Minni and Rifat Sharif

The verdict in the murder case Shahnewaz Sharif alias Rifat Sharif in Barguna is scheduled to be made on Wednesday. He was hacked to death in front of Barguna Government College on June 26, 2019, by his school friend Sabbir Ahmed Nayan alias Nayan Bond and his allies. Rifat's wife Ayesha Siddique Minni plotted the murder.

Barguna Sadar police inspector (investigation) Humayun Kabir investigated the case. After nearly two months of investigation, he filed a chargesheet in the district magistrate's court on September 1 last year. The indictment comes out with all the sensational information about the murder.

Rifat Sharif was Minni's second husband. The first husband, Nayan Bond, assisted Minni in plotting to assassinate him. Why, how, who killed Rifat Sharif - it has become clear in the investigation of the case. Of the 24 accused in the case, Rifat's wife Ayesha Siddique Minni and 10 other adult accused will be sentenced by the district judge's court on Wednesday. The main accused in the case, Nayan Bond, was killed in a gunfight. Besides, one accused named Md. Musa is still absconding.

Plot of killing

The chargesheet says Rifaat Shareef had business of dish line business in the Barguna Sadar police station area. Defendant No. 1 Nayan Bond and victim Rifat Sharif studied together in Barguna district school. There was a friendship between them.

In 2017, Aiysha Siddique Minni fell in love with Rifat. Minni later met her friend Nayan Bond through Rifat. In 2018, Rifat Sharif was injured in a motorcycle accident and was undergoing treatment for a month and a half. At this time, Minni went into a new love affair with Nayan Bond. On October 15, 2018, Minni secretly married Nayan at the house of Nayan Bond. Minni continued her old love affair with Rifat by keeping the marriage secret. Shortly afterward, the court sent Nayan Bond to jail in a previous case. Minni got married to Rifat again on April 26, 2019, without divorcing the previous one.

According to the indictment, Minni was very clever in maintaining a relationship with her two husbands when Nayan Bond was released on bail. She used to visit Nayan Bond's house and maintain a physical relationship with him. At one stage, Rifat came to know about the matter and the dispute started between them. Then Minni wants a divorce from Rifat and wants to go back to Nayan Bond.

Nayan Bond celebrated his birthday in March 2019 before the Minni-Rifat marriage. Minni was the chief guest at the birthday party. Helal Sikder, a friend of Nayan Bond, recorded the video of the event on his mobile phone. He posted the video on social media. Seeing this, Rifat called Helal Sikder on June 24 and inquired about the video and took his mobile phone. Helal later informed Nayan Bond about the matter. Nayan Bond informed Rifat Faraji about the matter. When Rifat Faraji asked Minni's husband Rifat Sharif to return the mobile phone, Rifat abused him. Nayan Bond informed Minni about the matter. Rifat Sharif got into a quarrel with Minni and at one stage Rifat Sharif kicked Minni in the lower abdomen. Minnie got angry and informed Nayan Bond about the incident on the phone and went to Nayan Bond's house the next day on June 25 in the name of going to college. Rifat with Nayan Bond to remove the thorns of Minni path there, she planned to assassinate Sharif. After receiving a proposal from Minni, Nayan Bond met the accused at the Shaheed Minar of Barguna Government College that afternoon and planned to assassinate Rifat Sharif. At the same time, the accused were asked to be present in front of the college the next morning.

The way Rifat was killed

According to the chargesheet, Minni went in front of the Science Building of Barguna Government College on the morning of June 26 and met the accused Rifat Faraji, Rabbi Akon and Rifat Hawladar. Minni expressed surprise to see the accused empty-handed and wants to know from Rifat Faraji, why are empty-handed, and how will they kill Rifat Sharif with empty hands? At that time Rifat Sharif came to the gate of the college to take Minni. Then Minni went with Rifat Sharif to the motorcycle parked in front of the gate of the college. But Minni went back to the college for the purpose and to give time to the accused who were around the gate as planned. At that time, Rifat Sharif followed Minni to the college. Minni then signaled the accused to attack Rifat Sharif. Accused Rifat Faraji and others grabbed Minni's husband and dragged him to the front of Calix Academy. At this time Minni naturally walked behind them.

According to the chargesheet, the accused Rifat Faraji ran and brought two bogies (machetes) with two hands from a bag that was placed on the verandah of the house of Nurul Haque in the alley adjacent to the east sidewall. At the same time, accused TikToak Hridoy and Rakibul Hasan Rifat Hawladar ran and brought two sticks. Defendant Rifat Faraji randomly started beating Rifat Sharif with one of the photos on the road. At that time, Nayan Bond started beating Rifat Sharif randomly with a bogies photo from Rifat Faraji’s hand. Accused Rifat Faraji then started raping Rifat Sharif again with another photo placed on the road. Accused Rishan Faraji then grabbed Rifat Sharif. Accused Tiktak Hridoy and Rakibul Hasan Rifat Hawladar guarded the murder with sticks to prevent the murder. At that time the accused Mohaiminul Islam, Sifat, Md. Nazmul Hasan, Prince Mollah, Abu Abdullah Raihan, Al Qayyum Rabbi Akon, Nayeem, Oli Ullah Oli, Rakibul Hasan Niyamat, Joy Chandra Sarkar alias Chandan, Md. Hasan, Maruf Billah alias Mahibullah, Md. Musa, Maruf Mallick and Ratul Sikder guarded the scan. Defendant Minni was normal at the beginning but later pretended to save Rifat to avoid liability and only tried to restrain Nayan Bond. Then when the people gathered, they fled.

According to the chargesheet, since Minni acted to save her husband to avoid responsibility for the incident, the accused did not hit Minni as planned. At that time, the bloody Rifat Sharif left for the hospital in a rickshaw alone, but Minni was seen lying on the road picking up his vanity bag and shoes. Minni later went to Barguna General Hospital in a rickshaw with Rifat Sharif. Doctors said victim Rifat Sharif should be shifted to Barisal Medical College Hospital after initial treatment. Minni then went to her father's house on the pretext that her clothes were soaked in blood, so it was not possible to go to Barisal, and advised Nayan Bond, the main accused in the murder, to flee to a safe place over the mobile phone.

The chargesheet says, the accused Minni, Rifat Faraji, Rashidul Hasan Rishan, Md. Hasan, TikTok Hridoy gave a confessional statement under Section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Apart from this, the statements of the witnesses recorded under section 161, material evidence, CCTV footage, CDR and the information obtained from the overall circumstantial evidence have proved that Minni was involved in the murder.