Minimum Fitra fixed at Tk 70, maximum Tk 2200...

Dhaka, Sunday   09 May 2021

Minimum Fitra fixed at Tk 70, maximum Tk 2200

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 Published: 01:07 PM, 4 May 2020   Updated: 01:25 PM, 4 May 2020

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Minimum Fitra has been fixed at Tk 70 and maximum at Tk 2200 per person for the current year.

National Fitra Fixing Committee set the amount in a meeting held at Baitul Mukarram National Mosque in the capital on Monday. 

Hafez Maulana Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, senior Pesh Imam of Baitul Mukarram National Mosque and president of the National Fitra Fixing Committee, presided over the meeting. 

The minimum and maximum rates of Fitra have been fixed considering the market prices of flour, dates and other essential items

Fitra, also known as Zakat al-fitr or fitrana, is compulsory charity paid by every Muslim before the Eid Jamaat. According to their respective abilities, people of the Muslim community can choose one of those goods or its maximum market value in taka to pay Fitra. 

Last year, the minimum Fitra had been fixed at Tk 70 per person and the maximum at Tk 1,980.