Alexa Mgst described severe suffering in govt hospital

Dhaka, Monday   16 September 2019


Mgst described severe suffering in govt hospital

 Cumilla Correspondent

 Published: 04:23 PM, 17 August 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Imdadul Haque Talukder, Executive Magistrate of Cumilla District Administration rushed to Cumilla Medical College Hospital for the treatment of his wife and faced adversity at last night. The magistrate posted two status on his Facebook on Friday morning and afternoon, where he revealed various details of the irony. Since then these became the burning question on social media.

Many have raised questions like- if an Executive Magistrate has to face these types of adversity then what is the condition of ordinary patients?

On early Friday at 6:58 am, Imdadul Haque Talukder wrote on his Facebook '3:30 pm, my wife faced a severe abdominal pain suddenly. She was crying then. I became very nervous. I continued to call many emergency ambulance numbers but no one picked up the phone. I called some renowned hospital numbers but no response from them as well. Fortunately, one picked up the phone and informed that his ambulance was in Dhaka. None of my drivers didn’t pick up the phone. I was helpless and woke my baby up and took my wife along the empty road. After a while, I got a CNG. He agreed to go. I went to Cumilla Medical College Hospital. Then the emergency is sleeping.

The duty doctor had been awakened with much difficulty. He wrote on the paper and asked to go to ward 417 on the 4th floor. I went there but couldn't find anyone for 15 minutes. Eventually, a sister or someone came and informed that the doctor was sleeping. He came after knocking on the door for almost half an hour. Then while writing the prescription both pens got tense. He went back to his room. Got back another 10-12 minutes.

Meanwhile, several patients crowded there. Finally, he wrote the prescription of my wife- Elgin injection, saline, and normal saline. The interesting matter is that the doctor handed over two extra slips with the prescription.

Slip-1: Name of 7 tests.

Slip-2: Name of Badurtola Shefa and Azad Clinic.

He told me to do these tests from there. It’s like an order. I obediently replied yes. In the meantime, I talked with a relative of a dengue patient from Debidwar. The platelet of his female patient is decreasing. He is concerned about this. But the interesting thing is that there is no doctor in the patient's ward. The doctor will come in the morning or later. Then, I came back with my wife. I went to a private clinic and pushed the injection.

Perception-1: There is no treatment for poor people.

Perception-2: We have to consider how much government directions on dengue are being followed at the marginal level.

Perception-3: Our health services are not scheduled for 24 hours but at the time of the desire of the person or organization (public/private) responsible.

Perception-4: Most private clinics open shops only in the morning and evening. The shop is being closed at the end of the business. Let the patient go to hell. Which is legally punishable. It is mandatory to have an emergency doctor at the clinic.

Perception-5: All responsibility is ours.

# Prevent adulterated food during Ramadan from morning till evening.

# Wake up at night to manage public exams

# Deal with disasters by forbidding sleep

# Wake up at night on Election Day

# Assure safety for general people during Eid journey

# Spend the whole night in preparation for National Days

# Stay awake in special crises night after night and manage the disaster

Compassion for the medical sector. May Lord give them proper guidance; Ameen!'

Meanwhile, Executive Magistrate Imdadul Haque Talukder gave another status in the afternoon. He writes in it- An FCPS doctor has managed to treat his wife without any test. He writes about the nightmare.

The two status got viral via social media up to evening. There was a flurry of comments on Facebook from various parties about medical care. On Friday night, the Executive Magistrate withdrew the status from Facebook.

Regarding the matter, Executive Magistrate Imdadul Haque Talukder said, “This is not a complaint against anybody, it is just the description and realization after the unexpected sufferings of mine in Cumilla Medical College Hospital.”

However, the director of Cumilla Medical College Hospital Swapan Kumar Adhikari said, “I heard about the Facebook status on the treatment of the executive magistrate's wife through journalists. The matter will be investigated on Saturday.”

He added that the allegations that dengue patients don’t find any doctor are not correct. However, the necessary steps will be taken after proper investigation of the matter.