Metro rail work underway day-night, 7km railway line installed...

Dhaka, Sunday   07 March 2021

Metro rail work underway day-night, 7km railway line installed

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 11:34 AM, 22 February 2021   Updated: 11:41 AM, 22 February 2021

Metro Rail line; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Metro Rail line; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The government has officially announced the opening of Bangladesh’s first metro rail on December 16 this year. For this, the work is moving forward fastly. The work of placing the railway line at 7km of the viaduct has already been completed. The overall progress of the project is more than 51.26 percent. 

According to the relevant sources, the work of infrastructure development including the installation of viaducts and railway tracks is in full swing in the project area. A huge workshop with an automatic cleaning unit has been built in the Uttara area. The progress of the construction work in the depot area is 80 percent.

Metro Rail project is being implemented by state-owned Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL). DMTCL Managing Director and former Senior Secretary to the Ministry of Road Transport MAN Siddique said the total length of the Metro Rail project is 20.10 km – 13 km viaduct of this has been constructed. The 7 km of railway viaduct has become visible. “We are working 24 hours a day to advance the project,” he added.

Meanwhile, a 13 km viaduct has been visible from the third phase of Uttara to Motijheel out of the total length of 20.10 km of the metro rail project. The work of the project has progressed the most from Uttara to Agargaon. Out of the total length of 11.73 km in this part – 11.58 km viaduct has been visible. There are 9 stations in this area. The sub-structures construction of these stations also been completed. 

While visiting the project spot, it was observed that the work of Uttara North, Uttara Center and Uttara South Station is almost at the final stage. The electric line has been placed at the end of the railway construction work. The construction of platforms at Uttara Center and Uttara South Station has also been completed. The construction of the platform at Uttara North station is at the final stage. 

Besides, the Steel Structure Erection Work is underway at Uttara North and Uttara South stations. Construction of electrical sub-stations, signaling and telecommunication and station controller rooms at Uttara North, Uttara Center and Uttara South stations is also underway.

Meanwhile, three of the five long-span balance cantilevers have been completed to ensure that normal water can flow and traffic management cannot disrupt during the construction of the metro rail. 7.83 km of the viaduct rail line and Overhead Catenary System (OCS) have been handed over to the contractor for installation.

Currently, roof construction work is underway at Mirpur-11, Mirpur-10, Kazipara and Shewrapara stations. The overall progress of the work is about 80 percent. 

The Metro Rail project was adopted in 2012 to reduce traffic congestion in Dhaka and make the journey of city dwellers comfortable, faster and smoother. The total cost of the project is Tk 21,985 crore. Of this, Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) is providing a loan of Tk 16,594.59 crore as project assistance.

Meanwhile, the mock-up of the metro train reached Uttara Depot on December 26, 2019. The making of the six-passenger coach metro train set will be completed in Japan within December. 

According to project sources, the first metro trainset will reach Mongla port on April 15 via shipment from Port of Kobe in Japan. After that, the dream metro rail coach will reach Uttara Depot from Mongla on April 23.

In all, 24 sets of trains will run on Metrorail. Each train will have 6 cars. The train will run at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour with passengers. Metro rail will have the capacity to carry 60,000 passengers per hour from both sides.