Metro Rail: Advantages and Benefits

Dhaka, Thursday   02 April 2020


Metro Rail: Advantages and Benefits

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 07:46 PM, 21 February 2020   Updated: 10:19 PM, 21 February 2020

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working to transform the capital dwellers’ dream into a reality. With her hand, Bangladesh is on the highway of development today. Metro rail's first coach has arrived Dhaka to make that trend even faster.

A new coach has been pulled out of a container at the Metro rail depot in Uttara's Diabari on Monday. Although this coach will not be attached directly to the Metro rail. This means it will not be used for passenger transport. This is basically for display. At the same time, ordinary people will be taught to ride in the metro with this coach.

Managing Director of Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Limited (DMTCL), MAN Siddique, told the media that the coaches made by Mitsubishi and Kawasaki of Japan were designed in accordance with the original coaches. The material and the method it is made are also the same.

How will be the Metro Rail, what will be the benefit and how safe it is? There is no dearth of interest and questions of the countrymen about the dream Metro Rail. There will be two doors around the gateway of the Metro Rail. The door next to the station will be opened. Each door will have multiple sensors to prevent any type of accident and this will reduce the risk of accidents. There will be space for passengers with disabilities or wheelchairs. About two thousand passengers will be able to travel on one train at a time. Accordingly, about 60,000 passengers will be able to travel every hour. Although the first line was to be inaugurated separately, it was decided to inaugurate the entire line from Diabari to Motijheel on December 16, 2021, to celebrate the 50 years of independence.

DMTCL Managing Director MAN Siddique said the construction of a visitor center near Metrorail's depot in Uttara's Diyabari is almost over. The mock-up coach will be placed inside the MRT data and opened for all. There, visitors will be given ideas about cutting tickets, boarding the train, standing, getting out of the train.

A video has been created to give passengers an idea. The video shows the Metrorail running along the center of the capital. The station will be about two feet high and if anyone travels without a ticket, he/she will be fined.

If the project is completed, it will take a very short time to reach Uttara to Motijheel. A total, 16 stations will be set up for 20 kilometers long rail line. The Metrorail will carry around 1,800 passengers every four minutes. About 60,000 passengers will be transported every hour. It will take only 40 minutes to cross this railway. The project has been estimated to cost around Tk 22,000 crore.

Initially, 24 Trains with 6 buggies will run every day in the Metro Rail system from 6am to 11pm. The train will stop at a station for 40 seconds only.

The 16 stations will be at Uttara (North), Uttara (Center), Uttara (South), Pallabi, Mirpur-11, Mirpur-10, Kazipara, Shewarapara, Agargaon, Bijoy Sharani, Farmgate, Karwan Bazar, Shahbag, TSC, Press Club, and Motijheel.