Meteorologists’ awareness swimming in ice water...

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Meteorologists’ awareness swimming in ice water

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 Published: 01:29 PM, 6 February 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The changing picture of Antarctica due to the rapid climate change, is alarming the nearest detriment of the world as the snow melts in Antarctica every year from June to August. British meteorologist Lewis Pugh has arranged a swim in ice waters to raise awareness against climate change.

More than 65 thousand supraglacial lakes have been discovered in the East Antarctic ice in winter reports Journal Scientific Reports. Climate change is accelerating icehouse melt, Pugh said.

Through this swim, Pugh wants to convey this message to the whole world, we have very little time in our hands. The whole world is about to face a terrible situation. We all need to be aware right now.

Environmentalists are appalled by the fact that the amount of ice melting is increasing day by day due to the effects of warming. Fifty-year-old British meteorologist Louise Pugh has conveyed a message of awareness about the earth’s acceleration to the destruction with swimming.