Messenger is more alarming than WhatsApp: Forbes...

Dhaka, Tuesday   09 March 2021

Messenger is more alarming than WhatsApp: Forbes

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 Published: 03:35 PM, 18 January 2021   Updated: 03:39 PM, 18 January 2021

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Facebook Messenger’s data harvesting is significantly more alarming than WhatsApp, said a Forbes report.

Forbes tries to draw the attention of Facebook Messenger’s 1.3 billion users that the sudden WhatsApp backlash should be taken as a stark warning.

Even though the users get the ‘free’ service from Messenger, Facebook is secretly taking commercial advantage of it. Experts say that by capitalizing on this information, they have grown their business.

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The authority of Facebook uses everything we do on Facebook and Messenger for their own commercial needs. Earlier, big tech giant officials had questioned Facebook’s privacy policy. But the social media giant has not changed its position.

Experts say that if the ongoing controversy around WhatsApp can’t be handled well by the authority, it will definitely have a negative impact on Facebook Messenger.