‘Men compared with shoes’ creates massive outcry in India...

Dhaka, Sunday   25 October 2020

‘Men compared with shoes’ creates massive outcry in India

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 Published: 04:13 PM, 14 October 2020  

Controversial TVC scene

Controversial TVC scene

Girls compare men with shoes in a TVC that creates massive buzzing on the internet across India.  A complaint has already been lodged with the Advertising Council of India for insulting men in this way.

According to the Zee News report, a widespread outcry has been created against the ad for comparing male boyfriends with shoes. A well-known leather goods company made the ad on the occasion of Durgapuja. However, they were later forced to remove the ad.

In the ad, a statement comes up in a conversation between three girls where they were discussing - “changing boyfriends just like changing shoes every year”. At one stage, one of them compared her boyfriend with the shoes of that famous brand shoes. She was mainly telling that “her boyfriend is as durable as the shoes of this brand”.

Netizens were outraged after seeing the advertisement. Later, the All Bengal Men’s Forum lodged a complaint with the Advertising Council of India.

However, the advertiser first apologized for the outrage on social media. Later, They removed the ad from all platforms.

On behalf of the All Bengal Men’s Forum, Nandini Bhattacharya said, “We, the men’s rights activists, just want to know who would dare to make such an advertisement for girls? Where does the courage come from to make an ad abusing men? Are men so contemptible? We will ask for an answer.”

However, Social activist Shaswati Ghosh’s statement is a bit different. According to her, such a comparison is insulting to anyone regardless of men and women. There can be no element of humor in it. Comparing shoes with people is very unfair and reprehensible regardless of gender.