Alexa Mehazabien with new story

Dhaka, Monday   26 August 2019


Mehazabien with new story

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 10:54 AM, 23 July 2019   Updated: 10:54 AM, 23 July 2019

Mehazabien Chowdhury

Mehazabien Chowdhury

A few days ago, the drama ‘Shopno Dekhi Abaro’ was made written by popular actress Mehazabien, has made. Again a new drama ‘Better Half’ written by her has been made. the drama is directed by Imraul Rafat. The actress has also starred the drama ‘Better Half’ written by her. 

Besides, Tawsif Mahbub and Sabila Nur are playing two main characters in the drama. Already the shooting has been completed.

Regarding the story, direction and cast of the drama Mehazabien said, “The director is trying his utmost to make the drama ‘Better Half’ into a perfect story written by me.” 

“In the drama, I played as Labonnao, Tawsif as Tonmoy, and Sabila as Diya. I tried to visualize our life story,” she also said. 

“Many stories come in our mind, but Many do not think that it can be visualized as a story,” said Mehazabien adding, “I believe viewers will appreciate ‘Better Half’ which reflects our life.” 

Imraul Rafat said that ‘Better Half’ will be broadcasted on NTV next Eid. Meanwhile, Mehazabien will shoot for another drama under the direction of Imraul Rafat.

Earlier, a drama title ‘Shopno Dekhi Abaro’ written by Mehazabien has made. It was directed by Mahmudur Rahman Himi. Shamol Mawla played opposite Mehazabien. The drama will be broadcasted on a satellite channel and Hiya Entertainment’s YouTube channel on next Eid.