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Measures to do at hospital to refrain from COVID-19  

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 Published: 08:25 PM, 9 April 2020   Updated: 08:25 PM, 9 April 2020

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Symbolic photo

With the world the coronavirus pandemic started its rampage on our country since 08 March and still taking lives and infecting the people everyday. 

What should you do if you have a physical illness in such a situation? You must be thinking about that. Because going to any hospital or doctor's chamber right now can increase the risk of corona disease. According to experts, it is better not to go to the hospital or the clinic if it is not urgent at this time. However, if you have to go to the hospital for emergency reasons at this time then some precaution measures relating to health must be followed.

Things those are very important to keep near your hands at this time-

Keep the hand wash soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, disposable tissue paper and all medications that you taken before for temporary relief. Keep the soap, sanitizer even these exist at the hospital or chamber because of for your own convenience. In the case of children, take their food, diapers from home.

What you need to do at a hospital or doctor's chamber:

1. You need to use a mask on the face when get out of the house. 
2. Before entering the doctor's chamber, wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

3. After hand washing, wipe the hands with disposable tissue paper and place the tissues in the correct place. Do not wipe your hands with a cloth or handkerchief.
4. After wiping the hand, apply alcohol based sanitizer well.

5. If there are many people in the chamber then it is better to wait outside. If you want to sit, sit one meter distance from the other patients.

6. After visiting the doctor, you have to will wash hands with soap again and apply hand sanitizer a second time.

7. After coming back at home, go straight to the bathroom and take a bath. Then wash all the clothes with soap.

8. Use the tissue when sneezing or coughing in the chamber and quickly place the tissue in the appropriate place and apply a sanitizer in the hand.

What to do in the case of children -

1. You must wash the Children hands well with soap and wipe with disposable tissue paper.

2. Don't leave the baby in the chamber. Keep the baby in your lap. Do not give the baby to the other person again.

3. Make sure the saliva of the baby's mouth does not fall into the chamber.

4. If the child is a little older, wear the mask on him as well. Keep an eye on the baby so that his finger does not enter the mouth.

5. Wash your baby's hands in soapy water before and after seeing a doctor.