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Dhaka, Tuesday   02 June 2020

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Pakistan plane crash:

Pilot issued a warning before the hurtle

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 Published: 01:51 PM, 23 May 2020   Updated: 01:53 PM, 23 May 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

At least 97 people have been killed and many more were injured as a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) passenger plane was crashed in Karachi. Air Traffic Control (ATC) records of last-minute conversations with the pilot have been released. There, the pilot warned that the engine of the plane suddenly broke down. This suggests that the plane crashed due to a mechanical problem.

The plane crashed into a mobile tower in a residential area before landing there, although it was very close to the airport. And immediately it caught fire.

According to the Pakistani media, the last-minute recording of the A320 Airbus pilot's words found, as he was shouting ‘May Day, May Day! Two engines broke down! '.

'May Day' is a code of aviation. Pilots use this code in the face of great danger while operating the plane. The same message went to the ATC even before the plane crashed.

The last-minute conversation between the PIA pilot and the ATC was published in the Pakistani media.

Pilot: PK8303 approach.

ATC: Yes sir.

Pilot: We'll go left, right?

ATC: That's right.

Pilot: We're going… two engines broke down!

ATC: Belly landing?

Pilot: (voice is unclear)

ATC: Runway 2 and 5 are ready!

Pilot: Roger.

Pilot: Sir! May Day, May Day, May Day, Pakistan 8303!

ATC: Pakistan 8303, Roger Sir. Both runways are ready.