Matarbari Deep Sea Port’s construction work begins soon

Dhaka, Thursday   09 April 2020


Matarbari Deep Sea Port’s construction work begins soon

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 05:05 PM, 6 February 2020   Updated: 07:15 PM, 6 February 2020

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The Matarbari Deep Sea Port is finally being constructed at a cost of Tk 17,000 crore which is expected to be opened by the end of 2026, in the meantime, the government is hoping to start the construction of two large jetties soon. 

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will provide a loan of Tk 13,253 crore for the ‘Matarbari Port Development’ project at Dhalghat area in Moheskhali Upazila of Cox’s Bazar and Tk 2740 crore will provide from government’s funds and the rest will be provided from other companies. 

The Ministry of Shipping has recently forwarded the Development Project Proposal (DPP) to the Planning Commission. The proposal states that Bangladesh’s cargo handling capacity will be increased through the project titled ‘Matarbari Port Development’ which will play a role in meeting the future international trade demand and ensuring rapid port service with neighboring countries.

According to DPP, two jetties — one is the 300-meter length and another is 460-meter length — will be constructed at Matarbari Sea Port under the project. These jetties will be able to handle 8,000 TEU container ships at a depth of 16-meters. 

At Chittagong port, ships of more than 9.5 meters depth could not be handled, as a result, mother vessels could not enter the port jetty. The containers are being transported by feeder ships.

According to the data of Chittagong port, 3500 to 3800 imported TEU containers are being handled on a daily basis where only one ship of maximum 2000 TEU containers can be crowded. But Colombo, India, Chennai, and Karachi ports can handle more than twice the capacity of ships. In view of this, the Matarbari seaport would be a better option for Bangladesh in transporting more seaport containers through vessel drafts. 

Shipping Secretary Abdus Samad said deep seaport would bring a radical change in the overall economy of the country. The new port will be the milestone in the path of development from underdeveloped countries to developing countries. “The Fast Track Project Monitoring Committee of the Prime Minister’s Office is overseeing the project directly. We hope that this project will be implemented quickly and successfully.”

Besides the construction of two jetties under the project, cargo handling equipment will also be purchased, he ‍also said adding, “In addition, relevant equipment and link roads will be constructed. With the approval of the project this year, work will be completed by 2026,” 

According to the DPP, two key gantry cranes, one multi gantry crane, six RTGs, two Rich Stackers, and 12-yard tractor chassis will be purchased under the project. At the same time, three tugboats, a pilot boat, a survey boat will be purchased for the relevant benefit. Apart from this, four-lane roads of 26.7 km will be constructed. 

The country’s imports and exports are increasing. Container handling at the Chittagong port also increasing rapidly. Even the port is also importing and exporting. So there is no alternative to building one more seaport for handling a large number of ships and containers.

With the launch of the port, on the one hand, the import and export of the country will increase, while on the other hand, the pressure on the Chittagong port will be reduced. Such a deep seaport will help the economy of Bangladesh.

In February last year, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina laid the foundation stone of a coal-fired power plant with a production capacity of 1,200 MW at Matarbari.  

The likelihood of building a deep seaport using the same channel was seen for importing power plant coals and for channels and terminals that will be built upto 16-meters depth and 20-meters width for the release of coal from the ship. Depending on this channel, the deep seaport will be built so that no new channel does not need to build.