Alexa Massive cyberattack; List of affected websites

Dhaka, Saturday   21 September 2019


Massive cyberattack; List of affected websites

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 Published: 11:13 AM, 19 August 2019   Updated: 01:54 PM, 19 August 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Four New Zealand based medical facilities stopped their operation after Tu Ora Compass Health server fell victim to global cyber-attack which also hit US, UK and South America based websites as per a brag list on a Twitter account.

Tu Ora Compass Health's website showed some errors, said a report from Times-Age, which mentioned that along with this website, other sites of Kuripuni, Greytown, Featherston, and Carterton medical centres cannot be accessed. However, Tu Ora Compass Health claimed that none of the patient's data has been compromised because of the hack.

Justine Thorpe, chief executive of Tu Ora Compass Health said, "Shortly after we became aware of the incident on August 5, we contained it by taking the compromised server offline. This stopped all access to any applications and data on that server and elsewhere within our network."

However, the hacker group, who call themselves 'Vanda the God,' have openly claimed that they have hacked several websites and posted the links of those affected sites on their Twitter account.

On all the affected sites they left one generic anti-authoritarian message which said "Join the revolution. Tell your government to f*** off", along with a middle finger and the face of Anonymous hacking group.

The affected websites' list on the Twitter profile showed that most of them were government sites. 

Here is the list of a few websites which were recently hacked by these hackers and still not working.