Masks may develop wearers’ coronavirus immunity: Expert says...

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Masks may develop wearers’ coronavirus immunity: Expert says

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 Published: 02:38 PM, 13 September 2020  

Representational Photo; collected

Representational Photo; collected

Since the beginning of coronavirus pandemic WHO and other health experts are suggesting to wear face masks to save lives from the virus. And this time, experts have suggested that face masks could be inadvertently giving wearers immunity from coronavirus by acting as a type of crude ‘vaccine’.

A theory in this regard has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

According to the researchers behind the theory, wearing a face mask could make people less sick, or asymptomatic, because the coverings reduce the infectious dose they are exposed to.

If the theory is proven, masks could become a universal form of inoculation that would generate immunity, experts said.

Repeated exposure to small amounts of COVID-19 may train the body to recognize the disease and fight it off, effectively immunizing them.

However, the theory detailed by scientists from the University of California, will unlikely be proven beyond a reasonable doubt because it would require exposing people with and without masks to the virus in clinical trials, a breach of ethics.

The experts stressed that it is just a theory and warned mask wearers not to become complacent or try to catch the virus in the hopes that it would build immunity.

Source: The Mirror