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Dhaka, Thursday 24 Jan, 2019

Markets accumulated with foreign fruits

Nakla (Sherpur) CorrespondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
Photo: Daily Bangladesh

For several weeks, fruits markets of Sherpur’s Nakla have been accumulated with foreign fruits. Local fruits cannot see in the market. Only banana, papayas have seen. As a result, the demand for local fruits has become acute. And with this opportunity, the traders have increased the price.

About fifty traders in Nakla Upazila sell fruits throughout the year. And about hundred traders sell seasonal fruits.

Nakla city Fruit Dealer Nazmul said, “The market has been occupied by foreign fruits because there is no production and supply of native fruits. There are no national fruits at this time of year. So, I organize the shops with apple oranges grapes, pomegranate. Sellers also sell these for a little profit.”

Chandrakona Bazar’s retail fruit dealer Ratan Chauhan said, “I bought per kg of apple-orange at Tk 110, black grapes at Tk 350, grapes at Tk 200, Chinese orange at Tk 120 with wholesale by selling at Tk 10-20 profit.”

Another trader Mokbul said, “Every day 10-12 kg of apple, 6-7 kg of orange, 1-2 kg of black grapes, 5-6 kg of grapes, 8-10 packets of Chinese oranges are sold. I don’t get much profit. Due to low demand, fruits are wasted.”


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