Alexa March 3,1971: National anthem selection

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March 3,1971: National anthem selection


 Published: 01:03 PM, 3 March 2019   Updated: 04:47 PM, 3 March 2019

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It was 3rd March 1971, section 144 was imposed across the capital city Dhaka. People came out of home violating the curfew. The then Pak government threw bullets over the agitated people in Nawabpur, Toyenbee Circular road, Bhajahari Saha Street, Green Road, Stadium, Kathal Bagan, Kalabagan, New Market and Farmgate areas in the city. Lots of people shot dead.

People gathered and placed a rally with eight martyred of the previous night (Night March 2). The agitating people run the demonstration beyond fair of death. The bodies of the martyred were kept in the Shahid Minar, then the liberation thrust people took an oath to free the country from the Pak oppression.

People brought those martyred bodies to the Paltan Maidan. Meanwhile, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared of all-pervading non- cooperation Movement among innumerable fierce crowds.

Later, 110 Military order imposed. In the night before the day, ‘Kha’ zone military administrator Le Gen. Sabezada Md. Yakub Khan imposed a ban on publication of anti- Pakistani news, pictures and opinion keeping capital punishment of 10 years imprisonment in violation.

Despite such unfavourable circumstances, Chhatra League held a rally in Paltan Maidan and selected the song ‘Amar Sonar Bangla, Ami Tomay Bhalobasi’ as the National anthem. And it was sung unitedly while Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was present. Later Shahjahan Siraj hoisted the National flag

Meanwhile ASM Abdur Rab, Shahjahan Siraj, Abdul Kuddus Makhan, and Noor-e-Alam Siddki, these four student leaders requested Bangabandhu for the declaration of Independence. But he didn’t do this; Bangabandhu was waiting for an appropriate time.

Source: Ekattorer Dinguli- Jahanara Imam and Muktijuddher Itihas- Muhammad Jafor Iqbal.