Manna-Jinnah indebted

Bogura-2 Constituency

Manna-Jinnah indebted

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 Published: 12:55 PM, 6 December 2018   Updated: 12:55 PM, 6 December 2018

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Two heavyweight leaders of the two alliance have been contesting in the Bogura-2 (Shibganj) constituency in the eleventh parliamentary elections. One of them, Jatiya Oikkofornt leader Mahmudur Rahman Manna, convener of civil unity, once influential Awami League leader and former VP of DUCSU. The other one is current MP, Jatiya Party's vice-chairman and district president Shariful Islam Jinnah.

Though they are rivals in the fields of votes but very similar in one place. And that is - both are indebted. This information is submitted in the affidavit with the nomination papers of the eleventh parliamentary election.

Manna mentioned in his affidavit that he lives in the capital's elite area Gulshan but he has no private car. His wife is more wealthy than him. He wants to run in the elections with the help of his wife and expatriate sister in law. His movable assets amounted to Tk 27,42,492 and Tk 10,577 deposited in the bank.

Besides, he has cash Tk 586,915, shares and bonds of Tk 20,000,  5 gold jewelry worth Tk 35,000 and 1 thousand 612 square feet house or apartment. The amount of movable assets of his wife Mehr Nigar has been shown to be Tk 40, 97, 731. Mannar's immovable property is a house worth Tk 32,15,000. In the Wari area of the capital, his wife has a house with 42 Satak and 49 Satak of the land in Sadarpur and Sholagarh mouja of Sunamganj.

Earlier, in 2008, only Tk 840,000 was shown in the affidavit submitted in the same constituency. In 10 years, the loan increased to 53 crores 45 lakh 48 thousand 246 takas. He referred to profession as a businessman, politician, writer and columnist. Business has been shown as the source of income.

In the affidavit, he mentioned three cases. Two cases have been filed in the CMM court. Which is under investigation. The other case is in the special military court. He has been acquitted from the case.

Manna is contesting under the symbol of Paddy shape for the Oikkofront. Before that, he was defeated by a huge margin by taking part in the election three times from this constituency.
In the meantime, MP of the Bogura-2 constituency in the affidavit submitted before the parliamentary elections of 2014, Shariful Islam Jinnah showed his income from agriculture, house rent, and business up to December 2013, Tk 3,19, 600.

In the affidavit submitted now, he showed similar income in those three sectors. But the cash is going down. Five years ago, he had cash worth Tk 4, 68,000. Now it has reduced to Tk 1, 50,000. The cash held by his wife has increased from Tk 100,000 to 150,000.

However, according to the previous estimation, there is no money deposited in the bank, but this time he has shown deposited of Tk 50,62,797. Five years ago he had a car worth 5 lakhs in the name of his wife, but now it is not. However, Shariful Islam himself used to land cruiser worth 36 lakh 74 thousand 991. Although he did not have firearms before, he now owns a pistol and a mini rifle. The price of which is Tk 250,000.

In the 5 years, there was no change in his tin-sheds. There were gold jewelery worth Tk 70 thousand in the name of both husband and wife, still, there are. In his name shown Tk 70 thousand and wife's name is 60 thousand for electronic products. The furniture in the name of two is Tk 1.35 billion. Within 5 years Shariful Islam took loans and bought 36 million 16 thousand 742 takas for the car. He is now fighting the langal symbol for the grand alliance.
The two leaders demanded the affidavit, they gave the truth and accurate information in the affidavit.

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