Alexa Mango that’s length 1 foot, weight 5 kg

Dhaka, Tuesday   15 October 2019


Mango that’s length 1 foot, weight 5 kg

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 Published: 01:24 PM, 22 May 2019   Updated: 01:29 PM, 22 May 2019

Noor Jahan, a rare variety of mango, is famous for its extraordinary weight and size. One mango weighs between two-and-half kg to five kg and the tree of this mango species is only 10 to 12 feet high. 

The mangoes originated in Afghanistan that found in Alirajpur district of India's Madhya Pradesh. 

Hundreds of years ago, the Katthiwara royal family had grown this variety of mango on its private land. Two years ago, only four fruit-bearing trees were located by the government on the private land belonging to the royal family's descendant Shivraj Singh. However, several farmers had tried to develop this rare variety through grafting technology. 

Noor Jahan is not only popular in India but is in demand abroad as well for its taste and smell. Each mango fetches around Rs 300 to Rs 500. However, the price of each kg of the mango is reached at around Tk 600 when demand rises.

A Noor Jahan mango weighed up to five kg around a decade ago. The weight fell to around three kg five years ago. Experts believe that it would be difficult to see a Noor Jahan mango weighing over two kg this year.

"We have been seeing scanty rainfall in last 10 years. This had led to a rise of around three degree Celsius in temperature adversely affecting the growth of the mango," India’s agriculture research centre said.

The research centre also said that reduced moisture level has led to the shrinking of the fruit. The mango used to be as big as papaya but it might not be the case this year.