Alexa Man suicides killing 4 in Maulvibazar: Story revealed

Dhaka, Saturday   29 February 2020


Man suicides killing 4 in Maulvibazar: Story revealed

 Maulvibazar Corrspondent

 Published: 10:49 AM, 19 January 2020   Updated: 04:25 PM, 19 January 2020

Tea Garden

Tea Garden

A man named Nirmal, who committed suicide by hanging after killing his wife, mother-in-law and two neighbors Barlekha of Moulvibazar. The incident took place at the Paltal Tea Gardens in north Shahbazpur UP on Sunday morning.

The deceased were Jolly, wife of Nirmal, mother-in-law Lakshmi, neighbor Basant and Basanta’s daughter Sheuli. All four are workers of the tea garden without Niraml. Locals say four people were killed with sharp weapons in connection with a family dispute.

Neighbors said the clash between Nirmal and Jolly was started on Sunday morning. Nirmal starts beating his wife. She then ran to her parents in another room at one point. Then, Niraml hit her with a sharp weapon. The mother-in-law rushed to protect her daughter, in fact, Nrmal hit her. Then, Basant and Seuli rushed to the spot, he then killed the two people. Later, when four people were confirmed dead, Nirmal went to his house and committed suicide.

Barlekha police station's ASI Roksana Begum said the accused killer was a drug addict. Police have started the process of sending the bodies to the morgue for autopsy.

A tea garden official said Nirmal's house was not in the area. He was married to Jolly years ago. From then on, he was staying at his father-in-law's house.