Man now a newspaper hawker after 34yrs teaching

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Man now a newspaper hawker after 34yrs teaching

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 Published: 04:52 PM, 19 October 2019  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

He has been teaching in the college for 34 years. After retiring, he is now a newspaper hawker. He has no financial deficiency. This is his attempt to convey information and knowledge to people in a particular area.

This person is Isahaq Sharif, a retired associate professor of chemistry at Abul Kalam Degree College in Babuganj Upazila of Barisal. At the age of 75, he sold 300 copies of newspapers every day by turn around the 80 Kilometers way.

Isahaq Sharif retired from the college in 2009. Later on May 1, 2016, he started hawker life. He walks for 15 to 20 kilometers daily in this work. 

He is doing the work not only to earn but also to create examples for the new generation who feel ashamed to do small work. By imitating this parable, if one is exempted from the curse of unemployment, he will find his self-success.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of hawker’s life — family members, relatives, and others did not ignore his work but they interrupted his work in many ways. His wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, and brother protested strongly against his hawker’s life.

However, Isahaq Sharif did not argue with any of them. He just said, “I have a goal, they (relatives) cannot throw it away”.

In the beginning, he used to sell 150 copies of national and local newspapers every day. Now, around 300 copies of national and local newspapers are distributed. In a day, he earned Tk 400 from hawker’s commission. However, some money from earning always goes a surplus of his life.

Isahaq Sharif said that he earned Tk 13,000 in May, Tk 6000 in June, Tk 7000 in July, Tk 8000 in August, and Tk 8,000 in September from a hawker.

It has been known that a portion of this income is spent on students to encourage education. He encouraged students to go to classes in different educational institutes to teach ‘Porun Shikhun, Jibon Gorun’.

Every morning, Isahaq Sharif begins his work at 7:00 am. On foot, he delivered the newspaper around 15 to 20 kilometers. Including with this, he goes to Kedarpur, East Bhuterpur to Rakudia. Rahamatpur, 7 miles Cadet College and Guthia area of Ujirpur by different vehicles. Heavy sunshine- rain, storm, cold wave or any problems could not stop him from his hawker work.

Isahaq Sharif said that in developed countries, everyone respects their work. In this country, youths are turning away from the working class. 

“They hate of hardworking, for this they do not get work. So they become addicted to unemployment.” Isahaq Sharif thinks that if his work becomes illustrated from elders more and more, youth can also be inspired to do something. He hopes great for the new generation.

Delegate UP chairman Mashiur Rahman said that all the activities of Isahaq Sharif are good. He is a hundred percent, good man. “To the unemployed in our society, Isahaq Sharif's activities may be exemplary,” he added.