Man marries 2 women together...

Dhaka, Saturday   23 January 2021

Man marries 2 women together

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 Published: 07:20 PM, 8 January 2021   Updated: 07:20 PM, 8 January 2021

Man marries 2 women together

Man marries 2 women together

In an unusual wedding, a man got married to two women on January 3 in a Bastar village at Chhattisgarh in India.

A marriage which is uncommon for the society was consensual for the newlyweds.

Both the girls -- Hasina and Sundari -- used to like Chandu Maurya, the groom. They married him in the same mandap in Tikara Lohnga village of Bastar.

"I used to like both of them and they also liked me. We married consensually in front of all the villagers. However, family members of one of my wives did not come into our wedding function," said Chandu.

One more ''out of the box'' thing for this wedding is that the villagers attended the function and had nothing against it.

Hasina is 19-years-old while Sundari is 21-years-old, both the brides have passed their 12th standard examinations. Their wedding is getting viral on social media. This is first of the instance in Bastar district where such kind of marriage took place in front of all the villagers, and that too with grand celebrations.

This kind of marriage is a crime in the Hindu Marriage Act. However, no case has been registered against it.