Man gets death penalty for raping, killing student 28yrs ago...

Dhaka, Wednesday   28 October 2020

Man gets death penalty for raping, killing student 28yrs ago

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 Published: 10:24 AM, 16 October 2020  

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Representational Photo

A court in China on Wednesday has sentenced a man to death for raping and killing a medical college student 28 years ago in Nanjing, Jiangsu province.

According to court documents, the accused identified as Ma Jigang, 54, murdered the student, surnamed Lin, after raping her at Nanjing Medical University, formerly known as Nanjing Medical College, on March 20, 1992.

It was learned in the investigation that Ma Jigang approached Lin and used an iron bar to force her into the courtyard of a teaching building. He then beat her head with the bar repeatedly while raping her because she resisted him. He then dragged her out of the courtyard and dropped her into a well to cover up his crime. Lin's backpack, books, and clothes were dropped in a neighboring well, reports China Daily.

Four days after the incident, Lin’s body was recovered from the well, however, forensics at that time confirmed that she died from mechanical asphyxia for drowning and injuries to her head.

During the investigation, police found out that the suspect whose DNA was found at the crime scene was related to a man being investigated in the county. 

Later in February this year, 28 years after the incident, Nanjing police arrested Ma in a residential community in the city after confirming that “his DNA was identical to that of the suspect’s semen.”

Lin’s mother attended the trial in Nanjing. Lan Tianbin, a lawyer with Dongheng Law Firm, said that the mother might get compensation from Ma, however, the amount would be limited. “In such cases, spiritual damages will not be compensated under current laws. The laws should be amended,” Lan said. 

According to Fangyuan Magazine, Ma thought about turning himself into police but finally decided to take his chances to elude justice. After police collected his DNA, he also thought about fleeing the city, but he abandoned the plan because he knew the police would catch him easily.

Source: China Daily