Man becomes millionaire farming dragon in 2yrs...

Dhaka, Tuesday   27 October 2020

Man becomes millionaire farming dragon in 2yrs

 Bandarban Correspondent

 Published: 04:24 PM, 22 September 2020   Updated: 04:38 PM, 22 September 2020

Man becomes millionaire farming dragon in 2yrs

Man becomes millionaire farming dragon in 2yrs

Toyo Mro was very poor even five years ago. However, he had one and a half acres of land of his own. And he started cultivating 'dragon' fruit in that land. In a few days, he has become a successful farmer. This success has inspired him this year as well. Although the price was less at the beginning due to coronavirus in the second phase of production, the price has risen again.

Toyo Mro's is the resident of Basant Para in Chimbuk area of ​​Bandarban city. Chimbuk area is about 14 km away from Bandarban city on a hilly path.

Toyo Mro, a member of the Mro community, a small ethnic group, said he started dragon farming in 2015. Then he started working hard to alleviate poverty by taking a lot of risks on the advice of the Horticulture Department of the Department of Agricultural Extension. His wife and children also help him in this work.

He said that at first, he was afraid to cultivate dragon experimentally, but in 2019, this fear disappeared and he started cultivation on large scale due to the huge demand. The yield was as expected. Last year, he sold dragon fruit worth around Tk 25 lakh. He is expecting much better yield this year too.

A member of Toyo Mro family harvesting dragon fruits

Toyo Mro said he was unable to market dragon fruit this year due to coronavirus pandemic. And then the market was in recession due to lockdown and lack of traffic. For this reason, in the first step, the dragon had to be sold at a lower price. Last year, he sold fruits at Tk 300 per kg. However, during the coronavirus lockdown this year, he sold per kg dragon at Tk 200 to Tk250. Now that there is no lockdown and he is expecting to sell per kg dragon at Tk 300 to Tk 350.

AKM Nazmul Haque, Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural Extension of Bandarban said, Dragon is a foreign fruit. I am trying to increase its cultivation in Bandarban. Last year, the dragon was cultivated on 29,000 hectares of land in the entire Bandarban district and about 580 metric tons of dragon fruit was harvested. This year, its production is expected to surpass 600 metric tons. The weather and soil of Bandarban are suitable for dragon cultivation. And being a tourist area, the demand for dragon fruit has increased.

Prising Toyo Mro Nazmul Haque said that this farmer was the first to start dragon farming in Basant Para about 14 km away from Sadar. Now he is a successful dragon farmer because of his hard work. Seeing Toyo's success, many people are now interested in dragon farming.