Alexa Malta cultivation in Gauripur

Dhaka, Monday   16 September 2019


Malta cultivation in Gauripur

 Mashiur Rahman Kausar, Gauripur

 Published: 07:00 PM, 23 August 2019  

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Abul Munsur, a retired Assistant Agricultural Extension Officer at Satuti village in Gauripur, Mymensingh, has been successful in cultivating experimental malta cultivation using his own experience. Now he is the model of malta farmers in the area.

In June 2017, Munsur collected 90 BARI-1 varieties of Malta saplings from the Upazila Agriculture Office. He planted it on 33 decimal flat land. At the end of two years of transplanting the mulch comes to the tree. Then in August, malta production reached as expected. Now there are 50 to 6o maltas hanging on every tree in his garden. Fruits will be harvested from these plants in September-October.

Abul Munsur said he loves the agriculture profession in his heart. During his life, he assisted in the production of improved varieties of agricultural products. He improved the fate of many local farmers. Therefore, he cultivated fruit orchards to produce various varieties of agricultural produce in his village's land. He is making money besides success. Besides, there have been many farmers' employment.

He added that malta trees bear fruit for long years. The yields of the malta trees increase steadily every season. For this, it is necessary to properly care for the tree. Malta can be cultivated in the garden as well as other crops as a companion crop. He made money by cultivating malta, eggplant, papaya and sweet pumpkin in the garden as a companion crop. In the meantime, local growers have expressed interest in buying garden’s maltas with Tk 1 lakh.

Abul Munsur added that local farmers are being encouraged by the success of his malta cultivation. Everyday people who visit the malta garden offer to buy saplings from him. So, to encourage locals in malta cultivation and meet their needs, I have planned to create 1,000 Malta saplings in the first phase.

Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer of this block, Sukh Ranjan Das, said that the best time to plant malta is June-July. It gives fruits in two years. Al least 100 saplings can be planted in 33 decimal of land. Dig one-foot width and one-foot length, and leaving it for 10 days with the required fertilizer, then plant a malta sapling. The yield is slightly lower in the first season. An average of 300 to 400 maltas are available per year from each 5 years tree. Malta tree flowers in March-April. The fruits are harvested in October-November.

Farhana Karim, a UNO in Gauripur said, "I am very impressed and happy to see the malta garden of Munsur." His initiative will encourage the malta cultivation among the local farmers.

Gauripur Upazila Agriculture Officer Lutfunnahar said that Abul Munsur, a retired Assistant Agriculture Officer, is a successful agricultural officer. At the end of his service life, he has succeeded in producing high yielding agricultural products in his area as well as fruit gardening. His malta garden has caught the eye of everyone. He is now the ideal of local farmers.