Make ‘smashed pickle-eggplant’ with in 5min...

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Make ‘smashed pickle-eggplant’ with in 5min

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 Published: 06:02 PM, 19 January 2020  

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In the winter morning or at noon, lightly peppery smashed is very tasty with hot rice or polao. However, today we are going to discuss about s a very different recipe. It can be made in the shortest time and the cheapest cost which remains at our home always. We are very familiar with smashed eggplant but today we will make smashed eggplant with a little change. Let’s find out the recipe –


Big eggplant 1 piece, onion slice as required, mustard oil 1 tablespoon, 2 tablespoons of raw chili slices or dried chili powder, coriander as required, pickle with pickle oil 1 tablespoon, and salt to taste.


Firstly rub the eggplant in oil and burn it. Now put it in the water and remove the shell of the burnt eggplant. Then smashed rub the eggplant well. After that, the smashed eggplant mix well with all the ingredients. Now your smashed pickle-eggplant is prepared to serve.