Alexa Mahi`s heartbroken-cry for first love

Dhaka, Friday   28 February 2020


Mahi`s heartbroken-cry for first love

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 Published: 08:50 PM, 1 January 2020   Updated: 01:24 PM, 8 January 2020

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There have been lots of rumors of Mahiya Mahi's love at different times since she was cast in the film. Mahi, however, has denied the matter of her relations and disclosed that she didn’t touch the true love yet.

When everyone opened the window to watch the new dawn of 2020, it was only time for Mahia Mahi to open the ‘Ontorjal’ on the Internet. At 5 am, She lamented on Facebook posting her heartbroken status. She told the fans that ‘real love is not seen yet.

Screenshot of Mahiya Mahi`s facebook status

Meanwhile, Mahi’s two films, ‘Ondhokar Jaogot’ and 'Avatar', were released this year. But the pictures were not a business success. Mahi paired with Simon Sadiq has also finished the movie 'Anand Osru' directed by Mostafizur Rahman Manik.