Magical uses of Cornflower!

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Magical uses of Cornflower!

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 Published: 02:14 PM, 27 April 2018  

Representational photo

Representational photo

Many chefs become famous by using Cornflower properly in cooking. But Cornflower is not only used for cooking but also many other things. Many people do not know about this use of Cornflower. Let`s know today that these unknown uses of the Cornflower.

Relieved from the pain of cockroaches: 

Everyone is more likely to suffer from cockroaches. To get rid of this cockroaches, mix the equivalent cornflower and plaster of paris together and place them in the lurking place. The cockroach trouble will be released.

To make windows glass clean and shiny: 

Make a blend by mixing water with the cornflower. Apply this mixture to the window glass and gently rub it with a cloth. Then wash it with water, then see the Magic of cornflower.

To remove blood stain from the cloth: 

Make a paste in the water of the cornflower. Then rub it on the blood stains of the cloth. After a brief period, take a toothbrush with a towel. If there is still a spell, do the same thing once more. Then wash the cloth and dry it in the sun.

To remove the rash from baby`s diaper:

The rash goes up If you put extra diapers in the baby`s body. During the change of diapers, takes 1/4 cup of the cornflower and bath the baby which will eventually stop the rash on baby`s body.

To get rid of oily skin 

Cornflower can get rid of oily skin pain. Do not use plain powder, use a little cornflower oil in the skin. Or mix the powder with Cornflower. Cornflower will absorb extra oil.

To get the spots out of the cloth

To get the spots out from the cloth, make a paste with the cornflower. Then keep it on the mark. When dry, remove the scar from a toothbrush and the scar from the cloth gets up.

Domestic treatment of burnt skin:

In order to cook, sometimes the body is burnt a little. Cornflower can be used for immediate treatment. Mix 8 cup of hot water, 1 tablespoon of cornflower and 1 tablespoon baking soda, and put it in a yard or clean cloth and apply half an hour to the burnt portion.