Magic solution: 4 foods to recover lost hair...

Dhaka, Wednesday   15 July 2020

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Way to get rid of premature baldness

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 Published: 05:28 PM, 3 May 2020  

Way to get rid of premature baldness

Way to get rid of premature baldness

It is normal for hair to fall out with age. If this problem occurs at a young age, then it becomes a matter of pain! This problem is seen in many older and younger people now; which is a very annoying problem.

Do you know why this hair problem is happening?

Prematurely air loss can occur for several reasons. These include excessive stress, bacterial infections or allergies, anemia, weather, malnutrition, and bad water. However, malnutrition is mostly responsible for premature hair loss.

According to nutritionists, eating a few foods or spices regularly will stop malnutrition-caused hair loss and help to grow new hair. Let's find out about those foods-

Indian gooseberry

Gooseberry has been used in hair care for ages. It is rich in vitamin C. If you can eat a gooseberry once a day, it is possible to get relief from premature hair loss.



Spinach contains vitamins B, C, E, and vitamin A. It also contains omega three fatty acids and iron. These ingredients help to strengthen the hair follicles. So those who have hair loss problems eat spinach regularly.



Fenugreek is a very effective ingredient in hair care. Fenugreek is rich in protein and nicotinic acid; which strengthens the hair follicles and helps prevent premature hair loss. If you can drink water soaked in fenugreek every day, you will get result soon.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains a lot of lauric acid which helps to strengthen the roots by providing protein to the hair. So use this oil on the head. Even if you can cook and eat food with coconut oil, you will get great results in the problem of premature hair loss.