Luis Arce wins landslide, elected Bolivia’s new President...

Dhaka, Sunday   29 November 2020

Luis Arce wins landslide, elected Bolivia’s new President

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 Published: 01:47 PM, 24 October 2020  

Luis Arce

Luis Arce

Bolivia’s leftist leader Luis Arce has won the presidential election by a huge margin and has been elected the new President, the country’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal announced the results of last weekend’s vote on Friday. 

Arce won the election against six rivals by getting 55 percent of the vote. The newly-elected president has vowed to rebuild Bolivia by ending the country’s political turmoil and the COVID pandemic.

Earlier, the 57-year-old Arce served as the country’s finance and economic affairs minister under former Bolivian President Evo Morales.

“We have received the country’s responsibility with due dignity,” Arc wrote in a post on Twitter, saying: “Our biggest challenge now is to rebuild the country. Bringing back the stability of the country and raising the hopes of the people is also a challenge for us now.” 

“We will not let the people of Bolivia lose faith in us,” he added.

Meanwhile, Arce’s main rival and former president Carlos Mesa came in second with less than 29 percent of the vote. Luis Fernando, one of the leaders of the movement to expel Morales from the country a year ago and the country’s right-wing conservative, received only 14 percent of the vote.

In a Twitter message, Carlos Mesa congratulated Arce on winning the election. “The election is over. The results were clear from the start of the week but were not officially confirmed then,” he wrote on Twitter.