Lockdown reduces air pollution in Dhaka...

Dhaka, Tuesday   18 May 2021

Lockdown reduces air pollution in Dhaka

 Staff Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 08:43 PM, 17 April 2021  

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The “Strict Lockdown” is underway in the capital Dhaka as well as across the country to curb the COVID infection. Currently, the roads are completely empty as there are no public transports plying in the city including metropolises, resulting in less air and noise pollution. With this, the air pollution in the capital Dhaka has gone down a few steps. 

Such information has revealed in the US-based AirVisual Technology (AQI) on Saturday. 

In this index, in terms of air pollution, Dhaka is at 102 points with no. 8 positions. But before this lockdown, Dhaka was almost at the top every day, i.e., at number 1 or around it with 300 to 400 points.

Meanwhile, the dust has decreased due to rain last night, as a result, the rate of air purity has also increased. During the day yesterday, the value was between 100 to 150.

The Center for Atmospheric Pollution Studies (CAPS) at Stamford University says that since the start of the lockdown, air pollution has dropped by 60 percent at some times of the day since April 14, and by 55 percent throughout the day. 

According to CAPS, every day many people are on the streets of Dhaka in search of livelihood and different types of vehicles are plying on the roads carrying these people. These are currently halted due to lockdown. General people usually spend this time of lockdown at home. Due to this, air pollution has reduced a lot.

It is to be noted the average amount of dust in Bangladesh’s air was 77.1 micrograms per cubic meter in 2020 – which was 5.5 times higher than the value of the Department of Environment. Of these, the pollution study of 70 places in Dhaka shows that the level of air pollution by the Department of Environment is 5.2 times more polluted than the standard value.