Living in shackles for 30yrs!...

Dhaka, Thursday   29 October 2020

Living in shackles for 30yrs!

 Rangpur Correspondent

 Published: 02:22 PM, 12 October 2020   Updated: 02:23 PM, 12 October 2020

The 48-year-old mentally handicapped Mowla Mia

The 48-year-old mentally handicapped Mowla Mia

The 48-year-old mentally handicapped Mowla Mia, son of Mojab Uddin of Vebdabari union, has been living in shackles for 30 years at Pirganj upazilla in Rangpur district.

According to his family members and Vandabari Union Parishad chairman, Mowla was a normal youth when he was 18 and lived in Dhaka. During staying there, he got a head injury as someone threw stones on his head. Since then, Mowla lost his mental balance.

Even though he was treated in several places, he did not recover. He used to harass people regularly due to his mental disorder. It was quite impossible to treat him because of the financial crisis. Later, Mowla’s brothers chained him 30 years ago as he harassed the neighbors and other persons. Lastly, 10 years ago, he was tied up with a mango tree in a jungle beside their house. Since then, Mowla is leading a chained life.

There have been baths including toilet management from five hands away from shackled Mowla. Besides, there is a tin-shed house made for him where he is living a shackled life.

“All our efforts went in vain, If my brother got financial assistance, then he could lead a better life,” said Mowla’s brother Golap Mia.