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Dhaka, Tuesday   23 July 2019

Living cost comparatively lower: CAB

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 Published: 10:05 PM, 12 January 2019   Updated: 10:05 PM, 12 January 2019

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Living cost has decreased in 2018 than 2017. According to a report on cost of living, excluding education, medical and travel expenses, Consumer Rights Organization cab said, the cost of living in the outgoing year has been less than the previous year.

Presenting the report at a press conference on Saturday in Dhaka Reporters Unity, the organization said.

At the press conference, the chairman of the CAB Golam Rahman said they have prepared this review report with 114 food items in 15 retail markets, 22 daily essentials and 14 services.

He said that the cost of living has increased by 6 percent in the last year. The price of commodity and services has increased by 5.1 percent to 19 percent. In 2017 the cost of living increased 8.44 percent; the price of goods and services was 7.17 percent. That means last year's expenditure increased by 2.44 percent less than previous year.

The cab chairman said that the urban population will give a partial explanation about the overall picture, though the major part of the country's population is in the village but it is not possible to bring the overall picture of the cost due to lack of capacity.

Responding to the question of journalists, Golam Rahman said, "The rate of increase in expenditure can bring different results from the person to the person." If a person's income does not increase in the expense ratio, then it will not be comfortable.

He also said, we must give importance to income-increase. If people's income increases compared to the increase in expenses then that will be comforting.

Meanwhile, according to the cab observation, the price of most essential commodities in the year 2018 was stabilized. The price drop rate of fat rice was 15 percent, pulses was 17 percent, oil price was 2 percent, spices was 22 percent, vegetables was11 percent and sugar was 11.75 percent.