Living a miserable life under ‘child marriage’ curse...

Dhaka, Monday   18 January 2021

Living a miserable life under ‘child marriage’ curse

 Sirajganj Correspondent

 Published: 04:36 PM, 2 December 2020  

Teenage girl Brishti Khatun, a victim of ‘child marriage’ curse

Teenage girl Brishti Khatun, a victim of ‘child marriage’ curse

Teenage girl Brishti Khatun, a daughter of late Nur Hossain and Mosammat Bacha Khatun of Katagori Adorsha village of Deshigram UP in Tarash upazila of Sirajganj, has been living a miserable life due to the curse of child marriage. 

According to Brishti Khatun, she got married to Abdul Momin, son of Abdul Matin of neighboring Deshigram in mid-2019 while she was studying in 7th-grade in Baldipara Dakhil Madrasa of the upazila. But somehow she could not keep up with her husband, family and relatives. She got scared whenever she saw her husband. No one wanted to understand her pain.

Giving up hope of surviving in such fear, she decides to commit suicide. She later tried to commit suicide by drinking pesticides but survived after many treatments. However, she lost her strength of walking, as a result, she needs a stick to walk, said Brishti Khatun, sharing her bitter marriage life experience.

“Although it was late, I realized that it was not right for me to marry my daughter at such a young age. So, I wanted to keep the girl with me for a while. I also requested my son-in-law Abdul Momin and his father Abdul Matin. But they didn’t listen at all,” ‍said Brishti’s mother Bacha Khatun.

“But when my daughter started living with me, the son-in-law used to come often. This made her more scared. As a result, she tried to commit suicide.”

She added that her daughter’s life has become miserable. Momin married again and lived with her second wife. “My daughter is lying in my house like this. Momin doesn’t even take any inquiries. The girl is now suffering from a physical disability as well as mental anguish,” Bacha Khatun said.

It was not possible to register the marriage certificate as the two were not at eligible age. So, we are not getting any legal help anywhere, she mentioned.

When asked, Brishti’s husband Abdul Momin said, “I wanted to pay Tk one lakh to Brishti. But her guardian did not take.”

While visiting Brishti’s house on Tuesday afternoon, she was sitting with a cane in her house yard.

According to the private development agency in Tarash, the guardians of the girl child in Tarash start marrying off their daughter when they become a little older. Bishti is an example of such a victim of its negative impact.

Tarash UNO Md. Mejbaul Karim said even though child marriage could be temporarily stopped by operating a mobile court, it is not halted in the end. Later secretly got married. Occasionally, the convicts are jailed and fined by a mobile court. This work is going on secretly as the parents are not aware. Necessary steps will be taken soon to inquire about Brishti.