Alexa Last span of the year to be visible today

Dhaka, Wednesday   26 February 2020


Padma Bridge

Last span of the year to be visible today

 Munshiganj Correspondent

 Published: 11:29 AM, 31 December 2019   Updated: 02:35 PM, 31 December 2019

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The 20th span ‘3-F’, the 2019’s last span of the much-awaited Padma Bridge, will be installed on Tuesday between the pillars 18 and 19. After the installation, a total of 3 km or half of the bridge construction, will be visible. 

In the meantime, the span departed by the floating crane ‘Tinai’ from the Mawa Construction Yard-1 in Kumarvog near Munshiganj’s Louhajang for the pillars 18 and 19.

Out of the 41 spans, 33 spans have already reached so far in Mawa from China. In the meantime, 19 spans have been installed on the pillars, said Dewan Abdul Quader, Executive Engineer of Padma Bridge. 

In addition, 5 spans are kept at Mawa Kumarvog Construction Yard and 9 spans are kept at Temporary Stock Yard in Padma Char area – which is waiting for installing, he also said adding, “Two spans made preparing to sail from China by Mother Vessel. Six more spans are being made in China.”

In addition, 36 of the 42 pillars of the bridge were completed. The last 30 number pillar was finished last week. Besides, the work for 8, 10, 11, 26, 27, 29 no. pillars are underway. A total of 41 spans will be installed on 42 pillars of the 6.15 km length bridge. 

The most challenging task of the Padma Bridge was to do some pillar piling work on the Mawa edge, Dewan Abdul Quader also said. “Those complications are long gone. Now, bridgework is being carried out at a rapid pace by placing spans on the bridge.”

According to the authorities’ decision, the vehicles will be able to operate on the bridge by June 2021. That’s how the construction work is going on with the schedule. 

With placing the 20th span on Tuesday, a total of 14 spans has been successfully installed this year. Also, there are plans to add at least four more spans by January 2020.