‘Lack of harvesting laborers results of employment opportunities’...

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‘Lack of harvesting laborers results of employment opportunities’

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 Published: 09:05 PM, 14 June 2019   Updated: 12:53 PM, 15 June 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “People are not available today for rice harvesting. If there were so many unemployed; then there would be no shortage of people harvest rice. There is a lack of employee in harvesting due to sufficient employment opportunities in the country.”

The premier made this remarks while she was speaking at a post budget press conference at the Bangabandhu conference center in the city on Friday afternoon.

The Prime Minister said, “In many newspapers, we found people are not available in harvesting rice. They want huge salary. The price of labor has increased, because their demand increased. There is a lack of unemployed people today, so labor price rises. Consider that too.”

Sheikh Hasina also said, ‘One gets Tk 400-500 for one day harvesting rice. On top of that, he gets three meals, he will eat two meals and take one back to home. Still the farmers are not able to find people to cut rice. This is because our employment opportunities are there.’

Regarding the employment of three million people, the Prime Minister said, "We talk about employment, and everyone thinks that, jobs will provided to all. Is it possible to provide jobs or 16 crore people? Does any country in the world do so? Does a person pass the whole life with a job only? Employment is the opportunity that people can eat and work. '