Alexa 4 to die, 7 get life term for killing siblings in Kushtia

Dhaka, Sunday   19 January 2020


4 to die, 7 get life term for killing siblings in Kushtia

 Kushtia correspondent

 Published: 12:30 PM, 1 December 2019   Updated: 01:53 PM, 1 December 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

A Kushtia court has sentenced four men to death and seven to life imprisonment and one gets 10 years sentence in a case of murdering two brothers for protesting against eve-teasing in Bheramara in the district.

At 10:30 am, the District Women's and Child Repression Special Tribunal Judge Munshi Md. Mosiar Rahman gave the verdict. Except for the three absconding accused, the rest were present in the court.

According to the case, the local teaser Ariful Islam would harass a seventh-grader granddaughter of the deceased schoolteacher, Mujibur Rahman. Later, Mojibur Rahman's son and the student's father Ratan to asked Arif to refrain from doing so. This angered Arif and his friends.

Mujibur Rahman along with his sons and his brother Mijanur Rahman were returning home after completing the Maghrib prayers in the local mosque on the evening of April 25, 2016. On the way, accused Nayan Sheikh, Kamal Hossain Malitha, Arif, Kamarul Pramanik, Suman Pramanik, Nazrul Islam, Rahim Sheikh alias Lalim Sheikh, Mahfuzur Rahman alias Kabi, Sihab, Ashraf and Samrat and other three to four anonymous youths barricaded them.

At that time, the defendants hacked Mujibur Rahman and his brother Mizanur Rahman while the teacher Mujibur Rahman died on the spot. His brother Mizanur Rahman was rushed to Kushtia General Hospital at first and then to Rajshahi medical college hospital. He died while undergoing treatment there. After the incident, Mujibur Rahman's son Zahaurul Islam filed a case with Bheramara police station.

Police investigated and charged the accused in the court. Later, after a long hearing, the court made this verdict on Sunday.

In the verdict, accused Kamal Hossain Malitha, son of Narul Islam of Golapnagar village of Bheramara upazila, Kamrul Pramanik and Suman Pramanik, two sons of Kabul Premanik of Fakirabad village, and Nayan Sheikh (absconding) son of Nazrul Islam were sentenced to death. At the same time, everyone was fined Tk 5,000.

Besides, Nazrul Sheikh and Abdur Rahim alias Lalim Sheikh, two sons of Sher Ali of Fakirabad village, Mahfuzur Rahman Kabi, son of Akul Mandal, Benazir Pramanik's son Hriday Ali (absconding), Samrat Ali Pramanik (absconding), son of Nazir Pramanik and Ziarul Islam son of Nurul Haq Malitha of Gopalnagar and Ashraf Malitha were sentenced to life imprisonment and fined Tk 5,0000 each and more one-year sentence in failure to pay. Besides, Arif Malitha, son of Ayub Ali of Golpnagar area, was sentenced to 10 years and fined Tk 5,0000 and more one-month jail sentence in failure to pay.

Kushtia Judge Court's PPP Anup Kumar Nandi said the case was serious. The government side has been able to prove the charges brought against the accused. The court did justice.

The plaintiff, Jaharul Islam, said, "We are satisfied with the verdict." Now we demand the fast execution.