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Korma of Cauliflower

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 Published: 01:59 PM, 13 January 2019   Updated: 01:59 PM, 13 January 2019

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Daily Bangladesh Desk

Many people are worried about the kind of vegetables that will be served with pilau in small house events. There is no reason to think of worried about! Korma of Cauliflower is very easy solution to serve with pilau in winter. Now know how to make it-

Ingredients: Cauliflower 2 pieces, oil as need, 1 teaspoon of hot spices, 2 spunky leafs, half cup of onion past, ginger past half teaspoon, garlic past half teaspoon, chili past half teaspoon, salt like taste, yogurt half cup, Pee nuts past one teaspoon, coconut milk 1 cup, beans half cup, sugar half table spoon, ghee half table spoon, onion 1 teaspoon, 2pieces green chilies.

Method: You can also prepare cauliflower korma with a whole cauliflower. In that case, take a small cauliflower. Cut off the hard part of the cauliflower and throw its hard part. You have to cut the cauliflower in medium size. Put three tablespoons of oil in the stove, heat the oil, and it will not be too much to ignite the stove with cauliflower. But cauliflower will be reddish a little bit. After being light golden colored you must lift Cauliflower. Now heat the oil in the pan and add some onion, ginger, garlic, chili and salt to taste, a teaspoon of cocu powder, a little over half a cup of chopped spices, and sprinkle the spices. When the oil comes up, the spices will be ready. Then put cauliflower in the spices and pour coconut milk on it. When the milk will be heated properly, go for half a cup of beans and gently boil the cauliflower properly. When the milk come to dry, pour the sugar, hot spices, ghee and a little onion beaver. When cauliflower oil tops up, give two green chilies, it will make the beautiful flavors and will be emerge. This way you can easily make cauliflower Korma.