Kolkata Metro Railways caught fire. 4 injured

Dhaka, Wednesday   26 June 2019

Kolkata Metro Railways caught fire. 40 injured

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 Published: 01:38 PM, 28 December 2018   Updated: 01:38 PM, 28 December 2018

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

At least 40 people were injured when a fire broke out in a coach of the underground rapid transit system in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata on Thursday, reports Gulf Times.

Metro spokeswoman Indrani Banerjee said, “Smoke engulfed the first coach of a train on the Kolkata Metro while it was running between two stations.”

“The fire was put out by our staff using fire hydrants, the city fire service and police also reached the scene. All passengers have been safely evacuated from the train,” Banerjee also said.

One passenger suffered a fracture in the scramble following the fire.

Fifteen others -- mostly elderly people -- were being treated for smoke inhalation-related injuries, senior city police official Aparajita Rai said.