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Know types of love

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 Published: 11:11 PM, 7 August 2019  

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There are both good and bad aspects of love. It is called love to save people, even to cry. Psychologist Robert Sternberg divides love into three elements which replaced with a triangle.

The three components are emotion (sexual or romantic attraction), intimacy (deep emotion) and empathy (not just to protect the relationship, but also to advance it in honor).

These elements are grouped together into seven. As a result, we get seven definitions of love. So let’s see a glimpse of what your love name is:

Feel to like
People, with whom you want to share everything, want to spend all the moments together. You only feel to like him or her. Never think of this feeling as love. He or she can be your best friend, but not the closest person.

You see a man every day; you feel good and want to spend time with her. But this is just fascination. When your allure is cut off, your good feeling will also go away. Here only emotion works.

It has been shown in many times that you may have given promises to someone. But you do not feel any sexual attraction towards the man. But you do not want to leave her. Then you are just falling in love. Many marriages have happened after many years of love only because they are committed to each other.

Romantic love
When emotion and intimacy exist in love, it is called romantic love. You might not have made a promise to someone. But nevertheless, you are involved in a sweet relationship. This relationship may not always go long away, but it can give a sweet feeling.

Close love
When intimacy and commitment are in a relationship, it is called close love. This love is usually for a friend or for any human being. The one you have known for a long time, but did not realize when you come in so close to her for spending much time. This love affair lasts a long time.

Meaningless love
Many people can be liked to watch from far. For many times this good feeling can be reached to marriage. But then all good will come to an end. Because we judge people with seeing them from afar.  As a result, we have to face deception a lot in the future.

Impeccable love
When intimacy, emotion and commitment these three elements merge into love then ultimately the impeccable love comes. In this love, intimacy exists same as having trust and faith in one another. No one has the power to build a wall between such loving couple. This love is true love.