Kidney Specialist without certificate! 

Dhaka, Thursday   09 April 2020


Kidney Specialist without certificate! 

 Salah Uddin Chowdhury

 Published: 04:01 PM, 19 February 2020   Updated: 09:05 PM, 19 February 2020

Graphics: Daily Bangladesh

Graphics: Daily Bangladesh

Salah Uddin Mahmud, a self-proclaimed specialist — though there is no formal education in medicine, he has been treating patients for 30 years. He even treated kidney patients with his own inventions! 

Although he did not use the ‘Dr.’ word on his visiting card, the fake physician wrote ‘Dr. Salah Uddin Mahmud’ on the signboard outside the chamber. Besides, he also wrote books on kidney disease where he put the designation before his name.

It is known that the ‘Dr.’ word cannot be used without the certificate of Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC). When asking him, he replied, “What’s the problem if using Dr. before the name?” 

“My father was a doctor. I learned 50 percent of medical science from him. As I am a student of Chemistry – I leaned 25 percent from there and the remaining 25 percent from research. So that made 100 percent,” his straight forward answer!  

He later acknowledged that he will be in trouble in the future. There is a case against him where the court had ruled in his favour, he claimed. 

Claiming that he has the full right to use the word ‘Dr.’ before his name, he said that “he completed his studies in homeopathy”. For this reason, he can use the designation before his name. However, there is no mention of the degree of homeopathy on signboards, books or visiting cards with the identity of Salah Uddin Mahmud.

The self-proclaimed specialist claimed that his uncle had given him Tk 50 lakh in the 80s for kidney research. After long research, he discovered the drug for kidney disease! 

He claims that kidney dialysis patients will be cured if they use this drug. Not only that, he dreamed of treating millions of kidney patients at home and abroad with his “discovered medicines”.

Not only Salah Uddin Mahmud but also there are thousands of fake doctors in the country, including the capital.

Chamber of fake doctor Salah Uddin Mahmud

It is learned that according to the law of BMDC (Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council), only those who have obtained the certificate of BMDC can use the word ‘Dr.’ before the name.

While conducting an investigation regarding this, it is learned that BCMDC (Combined Medical and Dental Council, Bangladesh) which is now known as NAMDC (National Alternative Medical and Dental Council, Bangladesh) is the factory of producing fake doctors. The company continues ‘doctor certificates business’ by registering with Joint Stock – which is completely illegal.

The company made doctors from their ‘Peace Blend Science and Technology University’ in Uttra, giving them certificates like BMDC. Here, any educated person could become a doctor with training. They were not only giving the country’s degree but also gave degrees from various medical universities of India, Russia, China.  

However, the university was closed by the government. But before this, the fake organization has spread about 10,000 fake doctors in various places across the country and they examine patients by using ‘Dr.’ word in chambers for years.   

In this regard, Dr. M Iqbal Arsenal, a leader of Swadhinata Chikitsak Parishad (SWACHIP), said: “A case was filed against Dr. Md. MN Haque, vice-chancellor of BMDC, and others in 2018. The court issued an arrest warrant against the accused and ordered to crock goods. Yet they are not being arrested.” 

No one can write the ‘Dr.’ before the name while studying on Alternet Medicine. Only the BMDC registration holders can write to the designation before the name, said Dr. Md. Arman Hossain, acting Registrar of BMDC.  

NAMDC’s certificate looks exactly like BMDC. They are doing this for the purpose of frauding, he also said adding in a frustrated voice, “Despite the case against them (NAMDC), the police could not catch them!”

In the middle of last year, a team of RAB-11 arrested several fake doctors from different areas in Cumilla where almost all of them hold medical certificates from Peace Blend University

Fake doctors such as Md. Farhad Ali was detained on January 13 this year from Nurunnahar Diagnostic and Consultation Center in Pabna’s Bera bus stand area and Jahirul Islam on August 28 last year from Cumilla Diagnostic Complex at Chan Super Market in Narayanganj. They both were treating patients for the last couple of years by buying an MBBS certificate from India.   

Regarding the fake doctor, RAB-11 Deputy Director Major Talukder Nazmus Shakib said, “NAMDC is a fake organization. They have registered with Joint Stock.”

Mentioning that they have to right to provide doctor certificate from Joint Stock, he said that they got such a theme from Kolkata where 10-12 organizations like this are providing fake certificates. “There is no rule for registering medical certificate from Joint Stock, he said. There are 8-12 organizations like this. A search revealed that in Kolkata that some of those are locked up, some are fake.”

BAMDC is accepting certificates from those institutions in Kolkata and recognizing them in the medical profession, he added. 

Meanwhile, many casualties have also happened in the treatment of fake doctors. On September 14 last year, a youth named Abu Sayeed Siddiqui died in Mirzapur, Tangail where he was just pushed injection by a fake doctor named Atoar Rahman. Later, Sayeed’s family said they did not know that “Atoar was a fake doctor”.

Besides, another housewife named Suktara Begum died in the wrong treatment on September 14, 2018, at Islamia Clinic in Gomstapur Bazar in Chapainawabganj. Later, it was learned that she died due to the wrong treatment of fake aesthesia doctor Md Tutul.