‘Joyful’ mourning rally of lady bikers!...

Dhaka, Wednesday   21 October 2020

‘Joyful’ mourning rally of lady bikers!

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 Published: 04:59 PM, 12 September 2020   Updated: 05:04 PM, 12 September 2020

Photo taken from Facebook

Photo taken from Facebook

The pain of losing a relative or a friend is very hard and difficult. Those who lose only can understand the pain. Milad mahfils, silence observance ceremonies or mourning rallies in their memory are very normal events. But a unique image of a mourning rally was recently seen under the banner of the CMBD organization where mourning means “joy and excitement”! As a result, a lot of criticism on this circulating through social media.

It is learned that a biker group called CMBD recently organized a get together where more than 50 lady bikers and bike lovers participated there. Even various issues were discussed in that program. They also observed ‘a one-minute of silence’ for two bikers of the group who lost their lives in road accidents.

But various pictures of the group members on the program went viral – where it was seen that they are spending the rest of the time in joy except during the time of holding the banner. Such a surge of joy on the occasion of “mourning for two friends” has raised a storm of criticism on social media.

A moment of lady bikers’ tea-party

Sadia Yasmin, a member of the organization, said, “We had to stay in lockdown due to the coronavirus situation, which is why we could not see each other for a long time. Since the situation is relaxed now, we planned a tea party. About 50 lady bikers participated there.” 

And part of the get-together, we planned a one-minute silence observance for the brothers and sisters lost in the road accident, she also said, adding, “Our main plan was to hang out.” 

Regarding the mixed reaction on social media, Sadia Yasmin said, “We were really shocked to see the posts and screenshots on different groups. As the brothers move forward with their group, we also want to move forward with our group. But it requires everyone’s friendliness and cooperative behavior.”