Jhalokati town turns into dumpsite...

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Jhalokati town turns into dumpsite

 Jhalokati Correspondent

 Published: 12:54 PM, 7 November 2018   Updated: 12:54 PM, 7 November 2018

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The main roads, canals and troughs of Jhalokati municipality were turned into garbage dumping grounds. The town seems to the dumpsite. It is difficult to walk on these streets due to bad smell.  

Once upon a time, eight canals across the town were the life of Jhalokati. The municipal cleaners brought dirt and garbage from different places of the town and stake them in those canals. As a result of the increase of the mosquito-poisonous insects, the woes of the people increased. Now the garbage is being washed away in the Sugandha River due to the canals being filled.

It is found that, Harishwar mor of Aratdarpatti, Azad Bhandar mor, Amtala Road, Banshpatti Udbodhan Secondary School Gate, Fish Market Canal, Chandkathi Jaliapara Canal, Banshpatti Canal, Kumarapatti Canal flowed with dirt and garbage.

Due to lack of dustbin in the town, people are dumping garbage waste on the street. Business garbage is being thrown to the open drains. People are worried about water logging in the rainy season due to the blocked of these drains.

Mahbuba Begum, Headmaster of the Udbodhon High School of Banshpatti road, said, “About 600 students of the school are doing classes on dirt and garbage with extreme health risks. We informed the mayor. But there is no initiative. The municipal authorities should look at this point.”

Former municipal commissioner Rustam Ali Chashi said, the cleaners were putting the household garbage in the house. After some days the consequences will be horrific. The city has now become a dirt-garbage bay. Along with the authorities, the municipal dwellers should also be aware.

The mayor of the municipality Liaquat Ali Talukdar said, there is no dumping site for the municipality to get rid of the garbage. We have found a place near Basanda Union Parishad in the Kulieri village. If the matter is final, then there will be a project to set up the dumping site. 

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