Jaya greets Pohela Boishakh with ‘alpona on cheeks, mask on face’...

Dhaka, Tuesday   18 May 2021

Jaya greets Pohela Boishakh with ‘alpona on cheeks, mask on face’

 Entertainment Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 04:50 PM, 14 April 2021   Updated: 05:05 PM, 14 April 2021

Jaya Ahsan

Jaya Ahsan

The Pohela Boishakh is a universal festival for Bangalees. On this day, the people of Bengali nationality forget the past and embrace the new day. Welcome the new year by celebrating the hundreds of years of tradition, creating a festive atmosphere. But due to the global pandemic, the day is being celebrated domestically this year.

Jaya Ahsan, the popular actress of two Bangalees, thinks that the arrival of the Bengali New Year is to tell people that “bad times are not lasting for very long”.

The actress told on Instagram: “For the first time this year, Facebook has created a special augmented reality effect on the occasion of Pohela Boishakh in Bangladesh. It seems that I went out on a Mongol Shovajatra with everyone. I gave Alpona as a hobby. There is also a face mask to survive from COVID!” 

What makes Jaya so confident? The caption of her shared video says the actress knows life means “moving forward”. Pohela Boishakh tells us to leave the darkness behind and move forward with holding hands. So, she finds happiness in walking this path after a hard time.